Saturday, March 31, 2007

Today's Workout

The trifecta. I started at the gym at 7 AM with an edurance swim. 300 warmup. 500 (50 drill, 50 swim). 1,000 swim. 600 (100 kick, 100 swim). 50 warm down. Grand total: 2,450 meters. Not a bad swim today, not exactly enjoyable but also not too tortuous.

Out on my bike. Today I rode with the guy who convinced me to do Lake Placid, my friend and fellow triathlete Rob and his friend Chris, a cyclist. We rode out near Great Falls which has rolling hills and a fair amount of traffic but traffic that is accustomed to sharing the rode with cyclists. This ended up being a quality over quantity workout. I was supposed to ride 3 hours but we finished in 2 hours 15 minutes. We turned around early because the traffic was heavy and traveling at a higher speed then we liked. We went up and down the park entrance at Great Falls a couple of times to practice hills. I liked this but it showed me how far away I am from Lake Placid. Total cardio burner.

The boys are a lot faster than I am. I usually ride at 18 mph and I was trailing them all day at 20 mph. They had to constantly stop to wait for me which I appreciated but I'm sure was rather annoying to them. When you ride with others you want to ride with someone who is just a little faster than you. For my part, they completely fit the bill and I appreciated their patience with my turtle speed.

When I got home I headed out for a 30 minute run. My gluteus maximus was killing me from the ride and I felt like I was floating all over the road. It would not have made for a good video but nonetheless I completed it.

What's up tomorrow? A 100 minute run and hopefully a 2 hour ride with another triathlete, Michele, who is also much faster than I am. We both raced at Cancun last year and trust me, I was chasing her from behind.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Today's Workout

Up at 4:45 AM. Buddy was up before 4 trying to convince me to get up early--no such luck.

I started with the usual abs this morning. My coach had one item on my to do list today, a 60 minute spine. Easy as pie. Then I read more closely, when you see a smiley face in your workout you know it is going to be rough. 10 minute warmup, 20--count them--20 1 minute leg drills (that's a heart pumper), 5 x 4 minute cadence of 90 zone 3 with 2 minute ez spin in between. I was living for the ez spin.

Big weekend. I have a recovery week next week so this weekend is a killer. I'm trying to coordinate some riding partners and I'm a little scared because the two that are interested can kick my behind. Stay tuned for what will be a big calorie burner weekend.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Today's Workout

Up at 4:30 AM, it's like sleeping in. Abs (390 crunches, 200 situps).

Off to the gym to swim with the masters class today. I'm placed in the fast lane (laughable). I'm the slowest of the group but it makes me swim faster to try and keep up with everyone. Warmup was 200 back kick (danger: I always slam into the wall, not sure why I can't figure out it is approaching), 200 free kick without fins (kind of like watching a snail crawl), 100 backstroke with fins. Today was t-shirt day to make us appreciate being streamlined. With the t-shirts and fins on 3 x 200 freestyle, 200 free kick, 200 freestyle. Trust me the drag from the t-shirt is exhausting. Discarding the t-shirt we moved on to 300 pull, 400 free kick (the even efforts were slow down, fast back), 200 pull, and then 200 fly kick.

We also did no breathe-ums. With fins on you dive to the floor and kick until you hit the other wall. First time out I had a major calf cramp and had to pullup mid-pool--that happens anytime I push off the wall. It took about a minute to calm my calf down. I tried again, this time without pushing off the wall to avert the calf cramp and I did not make it to the other end. One of the guys told me that in scuba lessons they teach you to relax your kick to conserve oxygen and that he thought I was kicking too hard. That didn't make much sense to me but I'll take any advice so I tried it and made it to the wall.

Two pieces of information that my coach talked to me about today which hopefully lead to a better result in the pool. First, my legs are too wide when I kick so I went back to focusing on making sure that my big toes hit one another. Second, she said I had a beautiful stroke--hear that, beautiful--but unless I wanted to injure my shoulder I need to relax my entry more. She made some joke about my being type untrue. Anyhow, something to focus on next time I am in the pool.

Next up, just a ride tomorrow. No combined ride and run per the usual Friday routine.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Today's Workout

Up at 4:06 AM, not planned--I was hotter then Hades and the animals were hovering.

Abs, the usual (390 crunches, 200 situps). On to the bike for a 60 minute spin on the trainer. 10 minute warmup, 4 x 8 minutes zone 3 at a cadence of 90 with 30 seconds rest. 10 x 30 seconds zone 3 at a cadence of 100 with 30 seconds rest. Two things of note: one, this doesn't add up to 60 minutes so I did a 6 minute warm down; and two, I cannot read my new heart rate monitor so I am not sure if I hit my zone. Darn these 40 something eyes and nok, I'm not wearing glasses to workout.

Out for a 45 minute run, 10 minute warmup and then a 30 minute tempo run zone 3. Always something. Usually, if I was doing a zone 2 run I could not lower my heart rate enough. Today, when I'm trying to hit zone 3 I was either solidly in it or hovering one beat below. I'm sure Michellie Jones (World Champion Ironman triathlete who swam over me last year) hits her zones and having been touched by her greatness I must too.

My main complaint today, because I must, my feet are still falling asleep on the run. Maybe I should think of that as a benefit in the 26.2 mile run.

Tomorrow, swimming with the Masters.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Today's Workout

Up at 4:30 AM and after caring for the zoo, on to the abs. 390 crunches, 200 situps.

Off to the gym for lower body weights. Into the pool at 6 AM for a killer workout. 500 warmup. 4 x 50 drill--today I did some kicking drills recommended by the Masters coach. 4 x 100 with 15 seconds rest, 400 pull buoy with 30 seconds rest, 4 x 75 building to race pace with 30 seconds rest and then we start over again. 4 x 50 kicking drills, 2 x 100, 200 pull buoy, 2 x 75 building to race pace. 50 warm down. The grand total for 60 minutes of swimming.....2600 meters. The distance at Lake Placid start to finish assuming you swim in a straight line (which never happens) roughly 3800. The distance I will likely cover 4200-4500 meters--you'd swim wide too if there were 2,500 people swimming with you. Maybe I should learn the backstroke.

A beautiful sunny spring day today expecting temperatures in the 80's. Thus, I must, must, must pedal my way to work. It's a little tiring after such a taxing swim but it makes you feel alive.

Coming up tomorrow, a bike and run.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Today's Workout

What are you looking here for, I'm resting today. Ahhh, slept in until 6:30 AM. Good thing, my back hurts from my chore work yesterday.

Swim day tomorrow.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Today's Workout

Up at 7 AM. 390 crunches. I like to do crunches before a run. Mentally it keeps me from getting stitches when I run.

I decided to head down to the river today. It was about 47 degrees when I left for my 90 minute run and the sun was finding its way through the clear blue sky. I knew it would get warmer as I ran so I dressed lightly. First I ran by the Pentagon, then to the Memorial Bridge, under the 14th Street Bridge, and by National Airport. The Canadian geese are back which means two things: there is this startling sonic boom every 30 seconds or so at the airport and there are large goose poop everywhere. I hate them both but they are indicative of the spring season.

The run was good except for the fact that my feet fell asleep after 30 minutes. I thought it was my running shoes so I bought a new pair. Same problem. Not sure what it is, probably worth a trip to the Chiro for an adjustment.

Off to do some chores and tomorrow comes a day of rest.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Today's Workout

Call it a mini tri. Up at 6:10 AM and off to the gym for a swim. The lifeguard did not show up until 7:15, irritating. Swim classes start at 8 so the window of opportunity for lap swimming was cut short by the tardiness of the lifeguard. However, I am in good with the lifeguard staff so they let me linger while they started their swim classes.

300 meter warmup. 4 x 100 (50 drill, 50 swim) 3 X 500 (split between swimming and pulling). I ended up 550 meters short of my plan but I was able to spend 55 minutes in the water. I was definitely tired when I left.

Back home to pack my biking and running gear. I was heading to MD to ride with a bike club there. Something told me to call first. It's overcast and drizzly today, apparently that is a problem for the for the ride leader--ride cancelled. I had no alternative but to head out by myself on my old faithful, the W & OD trail. Fairly flat, usually really busy with speed demons, folks who have never been on a bike before, and wandering runners or skaters. Today, thanks to the weather, it was nice and quiet.

I was supposed to ride for 150 minutes. I went over by 20 minutes but not intentionally. The ride was great. Not as high cadence as I would have liked given the rain but I was focusing on stretching out while in aero. I can be to hunched up which puts stress on my neck and shoulders. If I stretch out, it is much more relaxing.

At the conclusion of my ride I went for an immediate run--15 minutes worth. That seems so minimal but trust that my legs were dead and my feet frozen. I am so glad the run was brief.

Next up, a long run romorrow (and maybe I'll sneak out on my bike briefly).

Friday, March 23, 2007

Today's Workout

Up at 4:48 AM, slept in. Wahoo!

After the animal kingdom was taken care of I hit the abs (390 crunches--technically 391 because I fell asleep while working on my obliques--and 200 situps). 30 minute run today, 10 minute warmup, 10 x 1 minute in zone 3 followed by one minute of zone 2. Again, my trouble continues to be getting down to zone 2 (well, that and it is so dark I can't see my watch to time myself or monitor my heart rate).

My coach also had 60 minutes of cycling of my own choice as long as I incorporated a cadence of 90. So I hopped on my bike on the trainer for 22 minutes, odd I know. 5 minute warmup, 5 x 1 minute at a cadence of 90 with 1 minute ez spin, 3 one legged drills each side. It seems that my new seat which I just put on last night may just be the right fit...finally.

Why the 22 minute spin on my racing bike--why, of course, to save my legs so I could ride to work. I pulled out my trusty Trek bike which weighs about 50 pounds and spun like a mad woman to work. Beautiful day, the river is quiet, no breeze--it did kind of smell near the airport (like olive loaf, I thought but then I'm smelling impaired).

Big day tomorrow. I have not quite figured out the logistics. Either it is a swim, bike, run day or I'm joining some folks in Richmond for a very long ride.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Today's Workout

Up at 4:30 AM, although Buddy tried hard to make that earlier. Apparently he was hungry and not entertained by night-time kittyvision.

Abs (390 crunches, 200 situps). To the pool for my first workout with the Master's team. In the water at 5:40 AM--it would have been earlier if they would unlock the doors sooner. 300 warmup (this was supposed to be any stroke but freestyle--I advised that was an uglines that required parental discretion on my part and received permission to do a slow 300 freestyle). 5 x 200--first 200 with fins, second the fist drill with fins (ever swim with your fists, it ain't easy), third no fins, fourth fins and paddles (I used to think those paddles were for cheating. Try them, total arm burner and it slows down your stroke so you can see all of your flaws), and fifth set swim with one fin for the first 100 then switch (with this drill you find out if you have a dominate leg). 400 side freestyle kick with one armed pulls (prepare to drink some water). 400 pull buoy (100 regular, 100 with paddles, 100 regular, 100 with paddles). 200 one legged kicking (oh yeah, feel the burn). 100 dolphin kick (want to feel uncoordinated, come aboard). After there was some jogging, pushups, and situps all in the water--who needs a weight room.

2400 meters on the day, kind of thin. To be honest, I would like to be able to show a little more distance for all that time in the water and I'm not as exhausted as I'd hoped I would be. We will see, by the end of the day perhaps my legs and arms will be a little sore.

On the horizon for tomorrow, bike and run.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mom, can I have a floaty?

Each and every time I enter the open water I am anxious. Mentally I tell myself the water is 4 feet deep and if I need to I can stop and stand at anytime. This is never true, of course, although there were portions of the swim at the Cancun 70.3 Ironman last year where the water was so shallow my hands were scraping the seaweed (and I spotted other triathletes walking). Trust that most swimming venues are deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep water swims. How deep? Four feet deep, don't ruin my denial.

I have no confidence when I am standing at the shoreline. Despite the miles of practice, the hours of training and coaching, and the fact that I sign up for these events under my own volition, I am at full palpable angst. My confidence comes stroke by stroke when I accept and realize that I can--that I am--indeed swimming.

As if the self inflicted angst is not enough, I am disturbed if I see a fish while swimming--really disturbed. Once, while competing I came around a buoy in rough waters and saw something huge and black under me. I had a moment of panic but as my eyes eventually focused and my mind processed the improbability of it being a rather large fish, I realized it was one of the race photographers in scuba gear.

If I can overcome my loss of confidence, and distaste for large fish, there is also the third element of the water. Always there is physical contact. I never initiate the contact but when someone kicks me, or more commonly swims over me, I make sure they "feel" me. My experience in single sex competition is different from that of coed competition. Women when they bump into you stop and apologize. Men, however, just keep swimming over you. As if I need help drowning.

So this is a window on my thought process in the water. If the water is cold enough (thus, wetsuit eligible) I think of my wetsuit as my floaty. Alternatively, I try to think back to the days when my floaty and my parents kept me safe in the water. On July 22, at the edge of Mirror Lake, if you hear someone say, "Mom, can I have a floaty" you know where it is coming from.

Today's Workout

Up at 4:15 AM which would not have been too bad if I had slept well. I have this middle of the night sneezing disorder which I attribute to swimming as it only happens on my swimming day. If I sneeze, and trust that I work hard to avoid it, I will be up for the next hour blowing my nose. That was what happened at 1 AM so I'm a bit short on sleep today.

Anyhow, abs (390 crunches) 200 situps and then on the bike for an hour. 10 minutes warm-up, 10 x 1 minute one legged drills to jump start the heart, then 10 x 3 minutes at a cadence of 90 in zone 3 with one minute rest in between each. Trust me when I say the zone 3 part is no problem, I was fairly high in zone 3 today knocking on the door of zone 4.

After a quick change (always there are opportunities to practice transition) a 45 minute run. This was supposed to be 10 minute warm up then 4 x 5 minutes in zone 3 with a one minute zone 2 rest. I had a little trouble getting started. The legs were dead....really, huge redwood tree trunks. I thought I would not make it out of zone 2, however, thanks to the revved up heart rate from the bike and the hills in the 'hood I probably was a bit too much in zone 3. This is not over-achieving, it is just plain not good. Too much zone 3 training does not equate into race speed.

Next up, swimming with the Masters program tomorrow for the first time.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Today's Workout

I warned you the alarm was going to go off earlier. Up and at 'em at 4:30 AM.

Abs (390 crunches, 200 situps) then off to the gym for lower body weights. At 6 AM into the pool for an endurance workout. 10 minute warmup, 8 x50 (25 drill, 25 swim), 8 x 75 pull, 4 x 300, 50 cool down. I think I'm missing a 3 x 100 in there but I can't remember. Total on the day was 2,550 meters.

It would have been a good day to ride to work but alas, too much time spent at the pool to get organized. There is always tomorrow.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Today's Workout

Rest, rest, and more rest. Who said this Ironman stuff was taxing.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Today's Workout

One hour run with four 5-minute zone 3 efforts. Given the hills in my neighborhood the harder part of this run is getting the heart down to zone 2. It's a cold windy day, slighlty above freezing. The run was fine but it is entirely too windy and ctoo old to ride outside (not to mention the patches of ice from Friday's storm).

I planned on riding with a new group in MD, alas it was me on the trainer with occasional company from Buddy who was enjoying the kitty-vision in the sunroom. 90 minutes on the trainer with a spinerval DVD. A good effort but again, probably too much zone 3. I took the opportunity to move my bike computer, still looking for that magic spot where I can read it in the aero position (darn these 44 year old eyes).

In the week ahead: Looking for a cure to my uncomfortable bike seat (the new one should be on its way from my bike guy) and new running shoes. I bought new shoes last week and I absolutely hate them. They make my feet fall asleep and my ankle hurt. My old dunlaps--done all they could and lapped to the side--might be better then these all too expensive replacements.

The recovery week is over, now back to more intense training the next two weeks.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Today's Workout

A day off. I was supposed to be in AL for work today but my flight was cancelled thanks to freezing rain (a Mid-Atlantic specialty). Don't cry for me Argentina, I am not sad.

I thought about doing my 60 minute run but every time that seems sensible the wind blows at 40 plus mph making the 35 degree air quite crispy. It looks like this will be my first Saturday in a lifetime where I am exercise free.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Today's Workout

Up at 5:15 AM to deal with the animal kingdom, then back to bed for more z's. Up again at 7:15 AM for real.

Today is supposed to be my second off day this week but I'm traveling to AL to give a presentation tomorrow. Saturday is a complete wash due to work. So, I'm doing my Saturday training today and taking tomorrow off instead.

Abs (390 crunches, 200 situps) then off to the gym for a swim and run. 50 minutes in the pool--200 swim, 200 kick warmup. 3 x 100 (50 drill, 50 swim), 8 x 50 pull buoy, 3 x 200 (focusing on long strokes), 10 x 25, and 100 cool down. 2050 meters for those keeping track. I don't know why I was tired for such a short swim.

From there I jumped on to the treadmill because I needed to run 60 minutes and it is pouring
outside. As part of that 60 minute effort I was to incorporate four 5-minute zone 3 efforts. I made it 20 minutes. I was spent, the treadmill is utterly boring, and I just could not push myself. If I were outside I could have gotten the job done, but inside on a treadmill, forget about it. I'll do the 60 minute run on Sunday that I could not get going today.

Off to Nauvoo, AL.....wherever that is.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Today's Workout

Up at 4:38 AM. Abs (390 crunches, 200 situps), upper body weights at the gym. Can you tell how tired I am?

Into the pool for 60 minutes. If it's Thursday it must be anaerobic endurance day. I didn't have it today, too tired and the pool was too crowded. 200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull to warmup. 6 x 50 drill (my favorite, one armed drills), 8 x 150 (this was supposed to be 50 fast, 50 easy, 50 fast--not only did I not have the energy or breath but it is impossible to do when circle swimming in one lane. Oh yes, and new breathing 3-2 which means three strokes then breathe, two strokes then breathe. I couldn't manage that either). 400 pull (I did use the 3-2 breathing here, I kind of like it. I think I want to work on it and maybe use that as my race breathing). 50 meter warm down for a total of 2550.

My hip is bugging me, I'm trying to ignore it but between swimming and biking the left hip flexor is screaming. If I could get some deep tissue heat I think that would help. Old age.....grrrrrr.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Today's Workout

Up at 4:38 AM. I hate to say it, but I think I have to move my wake up call up 5 minutes or so. Taking care of the animal kingdom's morning needs crimps into my workout time.

Abs (390 crunches, 200 situps). 30 minute run in my new shoes. Jury is still out on whether I like them. One of the many endurance type nagging injuries I battle with is plantar fascitis. For those of you over 40 with high arches you may suffer from this without the excessive running. My right foot is slightly bothered at the moment, but I've had worse. Bottom line, I can't tell whether the shoes will help with that and some blistering issues I continue to have. I'll give it a few more runs. Today's run was supposed to be a 10 minute warmup in zone 2 and 20 minutes in zone 3. My darned heart rate monitor lost the signal eight minutes into the run. I think I met my targeted zones but I always like the precise confirmation.

On to the bike for 45 minutes on the trainer. 10 minute warmup in zone 2, 10 x 30 seconds at a cadence of 90 in zone 3 with 30 seconds easy spin in between, 5 x 4 minutes zone 3 cadence of 90 with 1 minute easy spin in between. I got a new seat the other day, the third I have tried on my new bike. I'll have to email my bike guy today, I have an exigent need for a new seat--Momma that hurt.

Best part of the day so far.....I got to ride my 15 year old hybrid bike to work. It makes me smile so much that I have to pull the bugs from my teeth when I get to the office. What a great way to start and end the day.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Today's Workout

It's a recovery week, wahoo. My coach's plan is two weeks hard, one week for me.

Up at 4:38 AM. Abs (390 crunches, 200 situps). At the gym at 5:30 AM for some lower body weights. Into the pool at 6 AM for a 45 minute swim (maybe a few minutes extra). 2100 meters today. 400 warmup, 200 pull, 4 x 150 (50 kick, 50 drill, 50 swim), 18 x 50 at race pace. This is so much better than the anaerobic endurance swim where you swim as hard as you can. Even still, it is tiring. Overall, this was a good swim and dare I say "enjoyable."

I thought about....really wanted to...ride my bike to work today. I have a big meeting with a funder today and decided it was not good idea to alk in with helmet hair. Maybe tomorrow.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Today's Workout

It's called rest. I actually have two days off this week thanks to my coach. I don't believe I have intentionally enjoyed that luxury in about 8 years. I'll use my second day to accommodate work travel over the weekend to AL....yep, short stick.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Today's Workout

I hate spring forward, I'm so tired today.

Swim day and again (I think that makes twice this week) I'm putting the words "enjoyable" and "swim" together. This despite the fact that the pool was crowded and I had to share my lane with 3 others--mercifully they were slower then me so I only had to worry about passing and being a little bit of a bully....not much, really.

3,100 meters today. 200 swim, 200 pull, 200 kick warmup. 4 x 100 (50 swim, 50 drill). 1,000 with the pullbuoy focusing on long pulls. 8 x 100 zone 2 with 15 seconds rest. 200 kick. 100 cool down. Sometimes when your body is really sore, as mine was today, a swim is just what you need to stretch the muscles and move the lactate threshold. Well, that and my monthly massage which I will get later this afternoon.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Today's Workout

Take my pulse, I think I'm dead. Up at 6:20 am, yep slept in.

Normally on Saturdays I swim first thing but the pool is limiting on Saturdays. It is hard to squeeze in 60 minutes and impossible to go beyond that as I will have to in the coming weeks. So, I opted to bike and run today and move my swim to tomorrow.

On the bike for 2.5 hours. Today will be warm enough to ride outdoors but the morning temperature is 33 degrees and I can't wait around for the sun to do its thing. Back to the trainer and a spinerval DVD, not quite the same as being outside. This was mostly a zone 2 workout with a few jumps to zone 3 but not many.

After the bike, I headed outside for a 90 minute run. From a strategy standpoint you should never go big bike, big run workout back to back. Sometimes I do this when I have to work around other life priorities but it should never be done in any consistent manner. I felt crappy almost immediately on the run, then my heart rate monitor stopped working, my legs hurt because I have too much mileage on my shoes, and I was tired. It was not a good run. Again, predominately zone 2 which was not necessarily my goal.

Off to the bike shop to get some hill gearing then to the running store for new shoes.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Today's Workout

Up at 4:39 AM.

Abs (400 crunches, I miscounted, and 200 situps). One hour on the bike. What a killer workout. 10 minute warmup, 10 x 1 minute one-leg drill (no rest for the wicked here), 10 x 1 minute spin at a cadence of 100 in zone 3 with 1 minute easy spin in between (trust me, this was zone three with seepage into zone 4), 10 x 1 minute standing at a cadence of 80 with 1 minute easy spin in between (did someone turn the shower on).

I was jello coming off the bike but I went right into a 30 minute run. 10 minute warmup followed by 5 x 3 minutes in zone 3 with 1 minute zone 2 recovery. This all sounds good but my biggest problem is I have extreme difficulty finding zone 2. I can easily get into zone 3 but zone 2 is elusive. I think this is due in part to the hills in my neighborhood and from coming off the bike into the run.

Tomorrow I would like to take another ride outside but I have to get my bike to the shop and the shop is an hour drive from home. I'll be pressed for time tomorrow so it is highly probable that my 2.5 hour ride will be on the trainer. Darn it.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Today's Workout

Today sucked. My watch alarm went off at 4:20 even though it was not "on". My real alarm went off at 4:38 AM--can 18 minutes make that much difference? Yes, at least mentally.

Abs (390 crunches, 200 situps), a tiny bit of upper body weights. It was 18 degrees today so I lost more time scraping the car translating into less time in the gym pre-swim. Did I mention that I'm tired of winter.

If it's Thursday it must mean an anaerobic endurance effort in the pool, my least favorite workout. Today would be no exception. 2,650 meters (300 swim warmup, 6 x 75 (50 drill, 25 swim), 3 x 100 (each set faster then the last), 20 x 25 (3 fast, 1 easy), 2 x 400 (first 400 pull using a new breathing pattern--swim 5 strokes, breathe, swim 2 strokes, breathe--I did panic a bit), 100 cool down. Today was one of those days where I left the pool thinking I can't swim--especially 2.4 miles. One of my fellow triathletes mentioned that I was crossing my arms. An old habit and one that when I get tired I slip right into. I appreciated her scrutiny of my stroke and must remember to pay attention to mechanics most especially when I am tired.

My next swim day is Saturday, gee I can't wait.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Today's Workout

It was a doozy. Up at 4:20 AM but in hindsight I could have made use of an additional 5 minutes.

Abs (390 crunches, 200 situps). On the bike for my first non-spinerval ride on the trainer. It was just me motivating me for 60 minutes. 10 minute zone 2 warmup, 10 x 1 minute one legged drills (I love these), 4 x 8 minutes zone 3 with 2 minutes of zone 2 in between sets. The biggest challenge: seeing my watch to monitor time and heart rate. I need a watch the size of a saucer for these old eyes.

Immediately following my spin, I changed into my running gear and headed out for a 45 minute run. This was supposed to be a 10 minute zone 2 warmup followed by 5 x 5 minute zone 3 with 2 minutes of zone 2 rest in between. Unfortunately it was mostly zone 3 because I could not get my heart rate to lower to zone 2. I live in a hilly neighborhood so the only time I could make my heart rate dip was on the downhill and there isn't much of it in my run.

I feel refreshed. Good bike and run today, I hardly felt the chill of our 26 degree air albeit now I could curl up in my flannel sheets for a nap.....but alas I must bring home the tofu to support my expensive hobby. Off to work I go.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Today's workout

Out of bed at 4:38 AM.

Abs, you know the drill--390 crunches, 200 situps. Off to the gym for lower body weights. Into the pool at 6 AM for 2750 meters. My coach picked a great series today. I almost never put the words "enjoy" and "swim" together but I actually did enjoy my swim today. 400 swim, 6 x 50 (drill for 25, swim 25), 6 x 200 (odds zone 3, evens pull buoy), 10 x50, 3 x100 kick (50 slow, 50 fast). Admittedly this did take me over the 60 minute workout, I might have been in the pool for 68 minutes give or take.

Hopefully our 50 mph winds calm down for tomorrow's crispy run.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Today's Workout

Rest. Monday's are traditionally my day off. Sometimes I have to move it around to accommodate work travel but where possible, Monday is my day of rest.

Still a little sore from yesterday's windy run but I achieved ample sleep. The animal kingdom woke at 6 am, I ignored them until 6:20. This week will be cold (in the low 20's) for outdoor workouts but I'm glad to be resting on a day where we are experiencing 50 mph winds. Oh spring, don't be shy.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Today's Workout

The animal kingdom woke at 6:30 (although a good attempt was initiated at 5:30). Personally, I was hoping to sleep in until 7 am.

90 minutes of Bikram yoga beginning at 9 am. Upon changing out of my sweat saturated clothes, I headed out for a 90 minute run. Lots of hills today and 30 mile an hour winds to complement the 38 degree temperature. Now I'm just tired and hungry.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Today's Workout

Up and at 'em at 6:10 AM, got to sleep in.

Off to the gym for an hour endurance form swim, 2500 meters (300 swim, 300 kick, 300 pull to warm up; followed by 4 x 50 one arm drills, 300 swim, 4 x 50 drag your fingertips on recovery drill, 300 swim, 4 x 50 catch one hand up with the other in front of you, 200 pull, 100 swim then I got kicked out because Saturday classes were beginning).

I grocery shopped then came home and had an internal debate about whether to take my complete bike workout outdoors or do part Spinerval DVD, part outdoors. I hate riding alone and I was worried it might still be too cold--47 degrees. I loaded the bike on the car and headed for the W & OD trail.

Nearly three hours of riding on my new bike. It was mostly great, a couple of times the wind caught me--which I hate. Toward the end, my hip flexor was spasming--I've had a problem with the hip flexor for some time. The spasms were so bad that I couldn't clip my shoe into my pedal so for awhile I was doing some one legged spins unintentionally. All in all, I had a great ride and I'm loving how balanced my bike feels. Come on spring!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Today's workout

The theme: soggy.

Rise and shine at 4:38 AM, I think someone played with my alarm.

Abs, you know the drill (390 crunches, 200 situps). One hour on the bike doing a Spinerval DVD. The entire workout is in the highest gear--they call it weight training on the bike, all drills are designed for strength building. I broke through my anaerobic threshold several times--this was predominately a zone 4-5 workout.

Finally, a 30 minute run--well it ended up being 25 minutes because I was hauling but my motivation will become evident momentarily. I stepped outside at 6:45 am, it was a balmy 56 degrees with a few sprinkles--glorious. I took two steps into my run and the sky opened up on me. My shoes were squishing before I hit the corner. Although this should have been a zone 2-3 run, it was 4 knocking on 5 because I'm sugar and I melt when mixed with water.

Tomorrow's preview: maybe, just maybe a ride outdoors.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Today's Workout

Rise and shine at 4:39 AM.

Abs (the usual 390 crunches and 200 regular situps) then off to the gym for upper body weights. When the pool opened at 6 AM, I dove into a 60-minute anaerobic endurance workout of 2400 meters (3oo meters swim warmup, 8 x 75 with the pull buoy breathing every third stroke, 300 meters kick. The main set was 500 meters, followed by 3 x 75 fast, 1 x 75 slow, 2 x 75 fast, 1 x 75 slow, 1 x 75 fast. The cool down was 100 meters).

This is a speed workout so while I can usually squeeze a lot of activity in an hour I can also be seen at the end of the pool between sets gasping for breath. I hate anaerobic endurance workouts in case that is not obvious.