Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two new theories

I "competed" in Sunday's Nation's Triathlon. The quotations are because I still cannot run although on Sunday I tried a little. I'm sure my run was cumulatively something in the neighborhood of 1.5 miles out of the 6.2. The remainder I fast walked.

Two new theories: knowing I can't run, I killed it on the bike and had my highest mph average ever over 25 miles--19.4 mph. That is no slouch and I think it could have been faster but I had to slow down for congestion a lot. Whoever thought a race of 6,000 people was a good idea was smoking crack. My second theory, maybe I never have to run. My average on the run 10:58 minutes per mile. I honestly was able to walk faster then most folks were running. The gift of long legs.

Next year I am totally changing how I think on the bike. No need to reserve, go all out and the run will be what it is. As for walking the run leg, it's a nice option in case I really can't run again but I wanted to wear a sign that said, "I'm injured and can't run. If I could run I would be beating you." Yeah, the humble pie hasn't quite settled in.