Sunday, October 14, 2007

The off-season

It is the off-season (sigh), no races ahead that I am training toward but of course, the base training for 2008 continues.

I'm taking a break from brick workouts. I am now attacking each discipline twice a week--two days of swimming, two days of running, two days of biking--and I'm trying (thus far unsuccessfully, to get back to the weight room). I'm enjoying long rides at a newly discovered course (I cannot reveal this secret) and I am finding that I am unmotivated to run beyond an hour. I really tried today but my loop brought me to my doorstep at one hour two minutes.

I think I will continue this pace throughout October hoping that my sciatic nerve problem and plantar fascitis disappear. I am working desperately on weak side breathing in the pool and extending the length of time I can hold my breath. If I could breathe every third stroke I would be up with the big guns....well, maybe just not so far behind. If I can manage more speed on the bike--and I'm seriously considering going back to mashing in high gears--I see improvement within my reach.

Overall it was a fantastic year, a great deal of growth for me in this sport. I am smarter, a wee bit faster, I have the confidence that I can go long (if not slowly), and I have met many, many friends who obsess as much about this sport as I do.

My exploits will continue to be chronicled on a daily basis beginning next month. As for now, I am enjoying the off-season.