Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Myrtl Girdle and Vibram Check In

For the record, I absolutely love the Vibram 5-fingers. They are like walking in sand all the time, spray an essence of ocean air and I would be convinced I was at the beach. Many websites warn that your calves will hurt running in the Vibram 5 fingers and until Tuesday I was convinced that my sculpted calves were superior to that warning. What changed? Well, there was my 12 minute run but I've run equal time in them before without incident. After my run (ended abruptly by my uncooperative knee) I hit the stairmaster for 30 minutes. Uh, yes, there are many more muscles in your calf then you would think.

As for the Myrtl Girdle, still no relief on the knee but I think I could hurdle if I had to. The flexibility in my hips is quite noticeable. I was convinced my knees would be knocking together constantly if my hips got any tighter. Now that fear has subsided. So as a consumer and person willing to try anything, these two experiments are a success.