Friday, November 02, 2007

Call me crazy

It's official, I am registered for Ironman UK set to take place in Sherburne, England on September 7. Ironman UK offers a course similar to Lake Placid--frigid water, hilly bike--build an endurance course, add a tablespoon of torture and I am in. The downside: it is not as spectator friendly as Lake Placid as the bike and run are an out and back. The upside: it is not Ironman Brazil which was also under consideration with an aggressive race date in May. September allows me to train along side my IM Lake Placid friends and to use the Lake Placid course as a training ground. It also gives me some time in the base building season (aka now) to heal my sciatic nerve and cure my plantar fascitis.

Next week, an MRI (to ensure I don't have a pesky stress fracture) and acupuncture for the sciatica.