Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dude....your leg

Up at 4:40 AM, the usual abs and pushups. Off to the local city pool.

Chinquapin is a bit colder but for some reason I also find the water to be thinner--easier to move through. I can't explain why the Y pool is sometimes jello-like but it is. Chinquapin was very crowded. There is a pretty large masters programs full of type-A triathletes (one of which tried to cut in front of me as I was entering a shower stall later--ladies, please). I was sharing a lane with a guy who I thought at first was doing my one arm drills but as it turns out he was actually doing some never before seen version of the sidestroke. When kicking, his entire leg entered into my path. Needless to say, I was kicked several times, thrice in the bread basket. I do not mind a little contact, good triathlon prep, but I could do without the bread basket shot. Next to me in the other lane was a guy who created a geyser everytime he kicked with his right leg. He was on my right, while breathing on my left I could see the geyser overhead. It was rather funny.

Anyhow, a good swim--no, I am not feverish. Tomorrow, back to the Y for another swim.