Saturday, February 09, 2008

There will be other beautiful days

Tempting, so very tempting to ride outside today. The temperature peaked over 50 and the sun was warming. Knowing there would be other nice days ahead I decided to be kind to my foot. I started on the trainer with an hour of biking, then off to the gym for upper body weights and a 2850 swim. I was going to finish with 30 minutes of yoga but I was toast. Shocking, even to myself--my stamina was at an all time low. Also, for whatever reason, my left hand was excruciatingly painful right where I was hit while riding two years ago. I'm hoping this is a fluke and not the start of some arthritic like condition that I have to contend with.

Tomorrow, I want to try for a three hour bike--we'll see if my sensible side wins.