Thursday, February 07, 2008


I'm jealous of all of you out there who have enjoyed a run in our spring like weather. As if to tease me, I see you everywhere--on my way to the gym, on my way to work, when I'm walking across town to a meeting. Someday soon I will join you but for now I'm green with envy.

Up initially at 4:15 AM as Buddy decided to bat around my watch. My guess is he was hungry. Up for real at 4:40 AM. Abs then on the trainer for an hour. A minor issue on the bike--during my one legged drills I was not paying attention and sent my left heel (the resting leg) into my spokes knocking my magnet for the computer off. This involved getting my glasses and searching my tool box for the correct tool to reinstall it. A girl needs her RPM data when on the trainer. I tried to be a little more alert from then out.

One hour on the bike and 30 minutes of yoga. I'm starting to really enjoy downward dog, what a great stretch on my calves and plantar fascia. An excellent post bike activity.

Tomorrow is an off day and I'm on my way to Detroit for the day for work. The weather is not looking promising for an outdoor ride this weekend so if I had to guess I would say that on Saturday I will swim, lift weights, hit the bike for an hour and do some yoga.