Friday, February 22, 2008

I expect grief

I didn't make it out to Manassass last night but I did swim. The thought of leaving the house to drive 45 minutes in 19 degree temperatures to swim in a cold pool and then make the return trip did not enthrall me. Nonethess, while I expect grief from my fellow swimmers, I did swim. I went to my overheated pool where I knew the air temperature would be 80 and the water not too far behind.

The water turned out to be unexpectedly cooler than usual which was in fact a relief....well, after the first 25 meters that is. I suffered from crippling toe cramps and a calf cramp toward the end of my workout but I did complete it. I have no idea why swimming gives me toe and calf cramps--maybe it is all psychological but it has been the most consistent trait for all of my swimming.

In no certain order, I have an hour bike and an hour swim and a longer ride on my trainer (3-5 hours) scheduled for the weekend. The weather promises to keep my bike locked into my trainer. I would hope to throw a little yoga in as well just to help keep me limber.