Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Oh no

Up at 4:40 AM today, the usual abs and pushups with Della and Buddy standing guard. Off to the pool.

Naturally, I left my workout on the table at home but I had memorized most of it and stayed true to the workout. In the lane next to me there was some boyfriend and girlfriend cavorting in the deep end. People, it's 6 AM. Do I have to see that so early in the morning? Another good swim, surprising given my back to back swim days. I think I might have made another helpful discovery today but I am going to hold off on disclosing it until I can test my hypothesis further.

Off to Birmingham today so I will get a run in tomorrow. I am also going to try to pair my runs with time on the stairmaster---a recommendation from my coach in response to my fretting about the current state of my run.